Yesterday morning was full of minor stresses.

I woke at 5am (or should I say I was forced out of bed by demanding katze) and could not get back to sleep.

sunrise: i’d been awake for about two hours at this point

I learned that poor AdventureJoan is unwell with a cold that won’t go away (which makes me worry – then I become fussy and annoy her by insisting she rest, drink juice, find a doctor).

I’d paid for my domain mapping renewal with wordpress and it had not applied, so the blog was temporarily dead. The contact form wasn’t yielding any results, so I was forced to twitter – whereupon it was fixed in less than a minute. I really, really am not a fan of using twitter as a vehicle for customer complaints. Obviously I’m pleased with the outcome, but would rather just have it resolved quietly.

I’ve been surly/grumpy for days (it feels hormonal, you’d think this would have stopped happening after the ute removal – but you would be so wrong). I went for a run to try and shake myself out of it, came back and dropped my running sunglasses (an elderly pair which have seen much better days) which snapped when they hit the ground.

may try to sugru it in the next round of fixering

I while tidying, I discovered a jewellery cleaning cloth and had the genius idea to clean a silver chain which had become discoloured. Which of course snapped.

I then split the side of one of my nails about half-way down the nail-bed (owwww).

And a dozen or so other little things to just make me more agitated and grar.

So after writing up an outline for my CV and grabbing some groceries for the coming week, I decided that I really needed to just stop.

So I took a nap and then had myself a Colin Cotterill fest: Jimm Juree: the axe factor and Dr Siri: six and a half deadly sins for the remainder of the evening.

As sensible Don pointed out – weekends are also for resting and I don’t need to Always Be Achieving All The Things.

Today? Post this, have some brekkie and power through some work. SML has finally entered 1997 and I now have VPN access – which makes life infinitely, infinitely easier. The plan is to wrap up work by 2pm – if I manage to do this, my stress levels will probably decrease about 100-fold!

2 thoughts on “retreat

    • Yes, the retreating was excellent – much better than powering through!

      Tons of productive work done in Sunday morning & scary, critical stuff completed Monday, so much more positive start to the week than I’d expected.

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