and a pie for lunch

Worked from home again today and it was once again completely and utterly glorious.

If only I could do this on the (more) regular! I am infinitely more productive and infinitely more relaxed.

Though to be honest, I probably wouldn’t appreciate home so much if I was not in regular contact with the more annoying of my colleagues.


This evening I baked bikkies. I would do well to remember that the bottom shelf should not be used in an attempt to save time.

scorched bottoms

Not beyond salvation, but the ones from the top shelf look rather more palatable.


I’ve been having a vile time with my laptop which is taking around 10-20min to boot (or to wake from sleep). Past me would have adored the extensive troubleshooting challenge, now I’m just all “screw this, why don’t I go buy a new one”? Which of course I will not! What the hell has happened to this super nerdly girl?

Windows 10 could not have been released at a better time and is downloading as I write. Well, is attempting to – we’ve been sitting on 0% for quite a while now.


Working from home also meant that I could go for a quick run this morning.

Still 3km, still the same time. I think I’m in a running rut.

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