golden handcuffs

yeah, no. i’m pretty sure i can avoid it.

SML has been stressful. There’s a void while we are between CEOs and some of the rusted-on, difficult, negative, lazy (all the pejoratives!) people who were marginalised under Dr12 are taking the opportunity to lobby, posture and generally be meddlesome and argumentative in some sort of desperate attempt to prove they are relevant. The constant battles are becoming very, very tiresome.

I was so upset by it all today that I looked on a job search website, found what is essentially my job at another organisation and rang the recruiter! Okay, so the recruiter was not available and will call back tomorrow – but baby steps.

My role is an extremely odd/unusual combination of responsibilities, which don’t naturally fit together (let’s say ice-skating, brain-surgery and shearing) and has pretty much been tailored to suit my interests/skills (I’m quite fortunate in that regard – there are some good things about SML). So to find almost exactly the same thing elsewhere was kind of mind-boggling.

The job has been up for well over a week, so I’m not holding out much hope for it still being available (and the industry does give me a good deal of pause). But hey, this might kick me into updating my CV and actually seeing what is out there.

In the meanwhile, I’m working from home tomorrow – in the hope that I can actually get some work accomplished, rather than being pulled pillar to post as happens when I am in the office. Don was appalled when he saw that I’d received 65 emails on Friday which required me to do actually do something – I pointed out that it was a really quiet day for emails because hardly anyone was in the office. Is it any wonder I cannot get anything substantive accomplished?

I really, really, really need to get back to running every second day – the lack of exercise is doing my overall mood no favours.

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