So far the frugality project is going along okay, as evidenced by the list of things I didn’t buy at lunch today:
– Uniqlo waterproof blazer: $59.90
– Uniqlo trakkie pants: $19.90
– 9 metres (3×3) checked flannelette: $35.91
– 2 balls morris woollahra 10ply: $21.90
Total not spent: 253.32

In the interests of full disclosure, I did buy an electronic timer (at $29.95) for the heater in our bedroom to replace the manual very noisy one.

I also bought my lunch (poached chicken wrap, $8) despite my good intentions.


what’s missing from this picture?

Joe/Frank texted me this morning to advise that one of the kitties had pushed the lid of my favourite teapot off the bench, whereupon it shattered into many bits.

I think there is replacement teapot spending in my future (that or I cunningly craft a replacement from something).


In 2006 or so, when I was a svelte wee poppet, Donaldo bought me a super-pretty dress. I think I wore it once, maybe twice, before I outgrew it and gifted it to Bessie a couple of years later. It looks lovely on her, but she has little occasion to wear it.

I’ve lost a fair bit of weight, so thought I give trying it on a bash – and ZOMG! it fits perfectly!

THIS IS REALLY THRILLING! And it satisfies my need for a new pretty dress.

Now I need an occasion, perhaps some sort of garden party (and possibly warmer weather).


This sugru is totally genius.

So far we’ve used two packets to repair 2 cables, 1 headphones, a kitty litter scoop, partially repaired the cracked fridge tray, stuck the handle back on the garlic press, the spatula back on its handle and affixed a peg to the inside of the cupboard under the sink to hold the washing gloves.

I’ve tried super-super glue with the garlic press handle and after leaving it the required amount of time to cure, the handle still slid right off. This is not going anywhere – despite some very aggressive tugging.

I have one packed of red left from my original pack of three, but I am definitely getting another stash. I have plans to repair a crack in the sink in the babies bathroom and stick temperature dots on the oven.


2 thoughts on “saverings

  1. I think I need to get some of that magic stuff. I bought a dress yesterday. God knows how much stuff I’d be buying if I wasn’t trying not to buy stuff!!

    • You do – it *is* magical! Go science! I’ve just ordered another stash.

      It is quite scary to realise what I would be spending (a good reminder to keep the occasional list), I will confess that I bought new bras the next day (but they were more of an essential).

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