now the snoozing starts

babykitty: standard morning position

newkitty: standard morning position

Today I:

  • scrubbed bathroom (particularly the shower)
  • washed towels and bathmats
  • cooked paprika goulash for 5:2 weeknight dinner
  • cleaned 3 flights of stairs, all the skirting boards and dusted ridiculously fussy stair railings
  • de-cluttered a broken lamp
  • fed wormies and attended to the worm farm
  • washed laundry walls
  • consolidated vitamins (so many duplicate bottles)
  • vacuumed laundry + don’s office
  • steam-mopped laundry, don’s office and main floor
  • potted coriander plant outdoors
  • consumed many pots of tea
  • cleaned glass doors on dining area cabinet
  • cooked red beans and rice for dinner
  • oiled wooden fruit bowl and handles of big spoon and cheese cleaver
  • used black sugru to repair headphone cord, reattach silicon spatula head to handle, reattach rubber handle to garlic press and stick peg to inside cupboard door. That stuff is way awesome.
  • baked cranberry and coconut biscuits

  • unravelled stripey hat and re-knitted into a cowl

newkitty helps with knitting

I was planning to get a jump on some SML work this evening, but I am so physically exhausted that I can barely think. The plan is to drag myself out of bed early instead.

I’m really pleased I threw myself into this today, I needed a reminder that I can get a pretty big amount of tasks completed if I set myself to it!

4 thoughts on “now the snoozing starts

    • I bought it online from the sugru site. From memory the shipping was pretty reasonable. I’m definitely planning to get more (I originally bought a 3 pack).

    • We do indeed!

      We’re 4 storeys, but is actually not as palatial as it sounds – it’s very skinny, but very tall.

      Was definitely a challenge when we first moved in and is still very tedious to clean.

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