and paint the doors

I have no idea where today went.

happy tea!

I was awake at 5:25am, fed the kitties, read a bit, drank coffee, are raisin toast, pottered, drank tea, made sofrito for a paella later in the week, shopped for kitties supplies, bought some really fantastic steaks from feather and bone and visited the fruit+veg.

Then Don and I sat down and made a quite lengthy list of mostly Palace-ly tasks we’d like to complete in the medium term – which I guess is before the end of the calendar year. Exciting stuff like have the top balcony re-grouted (to hopefully address the leaking), repair and paint Bessie’s room, have the air-conditioners serviced …

I know, I really do find it exhausting to live such a glamorous existence.


I’ve complained before about bunches of herbs which wilt as soon as they enter ThePalace(OfLove) and our interim solution to buy wee potted versions – which at least last around 2 weeks.

Sadly, on Saturday last week there were no pots of mint available and we were forced to buy a bunch. Within 3 hours it was wilted almost beyond saving – and we needed it for dinner on Tuesday.

So I took to the Information Superhighway in an attempt to rescue it. I found these instructions which looked pretty promising.

I’d always shoved cut herbs in water, BUT I’d not cut the stems, nor had I covered them with a plastic bag. I was somewhat skeptical, but took the approach that it couldn’t hurt to try.

And what do you know …

seven days later (we’ve already used about half the bunch)

I think we can call this a success!


While at the fruit+veg this afternoon, I impulse bought this chocolate.

love ♥ your ♥ insides ♥

It is completely amazing! And hey, much cheaper than wine (am now just over a month into my no drinking project!) and much more delicious. Normally I would scarf down the whole lot in one sitting, but fortunately one little square goes a very long way. This is fabulous as it means there will be more to enjoy tomorrow.


And tomorrow I have much to accomplish. Unfortunately most of it is Palace-ly upkeep and a then couple of hours of SML work.

Tedious, but I’ll definitely have earned that chocolate by the end of it.

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