bad energy

Busted out the former giant-hat-cum-neckwarmer/cowl thingy yesterday and I’m really quite pleased with the results. Very warming and I’ll probaby get more wear from it in this iteration anyway – it is an ill wind &etc. I’m thinking of unravelling the black hat and constructing something similar.

rather less excited about my old lady skin – yikes!

Six monthly dentist appointment yesterday, which I’d completely forgotten about – thank TheUniverse for sms appointment reminders! This took me back to our old stomping grounds of Glebe and Holy!Goodness! I really do miss living there.

Afterward I walked along the foreshore back to Pyrmont for a bit of grocery shopping (I know, very rock and roll) – it was such a gorgeous evening.

so pretty!

After shopping we fussed with dinner and lazed about the house.



I’m slowly getting back into the groove at SML, we’re all a little flat because this year can only be quite anticlimactic after the wild success of 2014/15.

AnxiousMum has really ramped up the crazy in recent days – flouncing about announcing that she has decided to reinvent herself and intends to be much more professional going forward – and having a massive freak out in the middle of the office less than 2 hours later because “we are excluding her from meetings” – yes, meetings she has no need to attend! Very professional. I was tempted to say “I’m just going down to ask Heather about his holiday, do you want to come so you don’t cry that we’re leaving you out?”

Honestly, so eyerolly. The worst thing about her is that she turns us into completely high school mean girls (behind her back of course) – I feel like I need to go and plant a tree, rescue a kitten or donate to charity after I’ve interacted with or debriefed about her.

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2 Responses to bad energy

  1. tracy says:

    I hear you on the old lady skin…really, is that me? Is that my hands?


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