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To my extreme surprise, I actioned many items on Sunday.

I made stock (both for humans and kitties), an ice-cream base, 5:2 casserole for Thursday dinner and lemonade. I tidied and swept the garage, washed and changed the sheets and duvet cover, drained the worm farm of juice, did some light gardening and then stuck together two patterns for shirts: the colette sorbetto and the wiksten tank. Oh and I pottered and tidied and pottered some more. There was more and I am now regretting not keeping a list. All this by 3pm – afterwhich I slothed about with a couple of wines and watched footy.

Intensive analysis would indicate the reason for all of this productivity was because I pretty much stayed completely away from my computer for the duration.


Then yesterday after I arrived home I churned the french vanilla ice-cream (I churned it very badly – my fault, I’d put the churner together incorrectly), strained and decanted about 7 litres of stock, played with kitties, knit some more of my jumper (projected completion date sometime in 2026) and slothed about with Don watching orange is the new black (I know, so late to the party). This is way more than I would ordinarily achieve in a post-SML evening.

Again – minimal computer time.

This evening? Not a great deal accomplished because I stuck myself in front of the laptop.

I’ve been saying this for years, but I am really shocked at just how much time can be lost just idly clicking around on the InformationSuperhighway – absorbing nothing. Before you know it hours and hours have passed. I feel like I achieved much more back in the dial-up days!

I’m thinking of putting myself on a timer

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