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Back in the day Don and I adored going out to see bands and spent a not insignificant amount of $$ doing so. But we became increasingly dissatisfied with the experience – way, way too many peeps with the selfies (with flash!) and the endless (endless!) chattering throughout shows.

Because of this, and because we are old people, we haven’t been out to see any sort of show for years. So many years that after caucusing we have absolutely no idea who or when the last one was: The National? Yo La Tengo? The Hold Steady? Regurgitator?

Last night we decided to get our culture on and went out for dinner and a play – and we may have finally found a replacement for our love of live performances.

Dinner was at toko. We had the sora tasting menu which was amazing. You should totally go. The food and service was mind-blowing. We would return in a heartbeat … seriously, we are still raving about it – the sashimi! the waygu!: *dies*.

Sadly, we were forced to skip dessert so we could make it to Belvoir Street Theatre to see Elektra | Orestes

hey hey: svelte-ness

The performance was brilliant and we are so motivated to see more such things.

Already I have a list.

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