still waiting on the husky voice

queen of the cupboard

It has been a pretty intense two days back at SML. There’s quite a bit on and because AnxiousMum had a bereavement in the family over the break, I’ve been flying solo with interviews for a gig she has going in her team. This has been pretty stressful and not a little draining (though of course it is nowhere near as stressful and draining as AM is experiencing).

As a result my cold has made a last effort to keep me in its clutches by giving me a charming hacking cough which kept me from sleeping as optimally as I might have. The sleep I did get was riddled with bad dreams. As a consequence I’m in a pretty blah kind of mood – it is really draining to be so upbeat and positive and talk and talk and talk when you’ve a low grade out-of-sorts-ness.

I’ve chugged down some cough syrup, so hopefully tonight will be a little more pleasant for everyone in the house!

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2 Responses to still waiting on the husky voice

  1. ganching says:

    Hope your cold has gone now.


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