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I’ve been on a real sushi lunch kick lately (+ salmon sashimi on fast days if I’m hungry). My chosen sushi place really over delivers on the soy fish and I’m collecting quite a school (which occasionally devolves into a shoal) in my drawer.

Yes, yes – so much for that taking lunch to work project!

Terrible news today – I ducked out for a haircut at lunch to discover that my fave Korean hairdresser is closing down after 15 years in business! The building is being redeveloped (for more residential apartments no doubt) and they are not relocating.

I’ve been visiting regularly for around 5 years and off and on for probably another 5 before that. Bessie and many SML peeps will be mourning this loss. They cut brilliantly, are very quick, super-cheap and do not spend the whole time with incessant and inane chatter.

I for see many, many bad haircuts in my future until I find a decent replacement.

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