no 29th either

spotted on the way to SML, this balloon has impressive straying power and has been rolling about on this ledge for at least four days

So I managed the 3km run after work yesterday and I’m keeping up with the mini circuit – all good! Everything else I had planned has pretty much fallen by the wayside. I need to revisit the after work plan on the weekend and try to make it a touch more realistic.

In other things-I-should-be-doing-news, I finally sucked it up and tried to log into my manageressing course materials during the week and was locked out with an “access expired” message. What is TheUniverse trying to tell me?

Just how out of sorts I have been was really hammered home today. I have a desk calendar which shows 3 months at a time, so was blithely trucking along under the assumption that I had a 30th and 31st this month to cover off the things I needed to do. It was with some horror this morning that I realised it is February. This is not good.

March looks to be a horror month and unfortunately I will need to don the expediter hat and make sure people deliver what they’ve committed to – in several big, complex, cross-functional, processes. While I do kind of enjoy this, I would much rather everything worked seamlessly and I did not have to intervene, but hey, that’s why I get the moderately-sized bucks.

I’ll need to make sure I am back on my game to make it through – this means exercise and eating properly! And resting and not putting pressure on myself! All the things!

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