less calories than a coffee

excellent fast day lunch + only $6.50!

This planning to do things after I get home is really not panning out as I’d hoped. How people actually manage to accomplish anything in the evenings other than minimal hauswerk is simply baffling to me. After a hard day at SML I’m kind of exhausted and just want to sit about – which is not very satisfying. I might have to rethink my approach.

I cast around desperately for something to photograph that was not a kitty or buns and came up with a half lemon:

Clearly creativity is also somewhat wanting.

But I’m definitely down for the micro circuit before bed per last evening: 50 sit-ups, 40 squats, 2×30 plank. I don’t sleep badly as a rule, but my sleep was marvellous last night. I think I can keep the circuit up for a week and then increase the reps and maybe add some other activities.

I’m hoping to get out for a 3km run at some point tomorrow.

Rock and Roll.

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