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We are so not Valentine’s Day people At All, but for the second year in a row, Don and I inadvertently went out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

This year we did japanese followed by gelato – the perfect combination!


One year ago today, I ran 21.44km – the first and only time I’ve run so far.

I marked the occasion by running 4km – and was pretty knackered afterward. Onward and downward as they say.

I miss running long(ish) distances. I think I’ve been reluctant to push myself further than 3-4km a couple of times a week because I’m a little afraid of incurring yet another injury. But really, fear is no way to approach anything – so I am going to drag myself out of my running malaise and try to slowly increase my distance, with … like … a plan.


I’ve had a really very productive day decluttering the wardrobe in Bessie’s room (which does tend to be a dumping ground for all manner of things) – I added a couple of back-packs, some old handbags, an overnight bag, some unwanted bathmats &etc to the donation pile. I also packed pretty much everything away because the leak penetration testing dudes are coming this week and her room may end up quite damp. It looks gloriously minimalist and I would quite like to sit in there quietly and just be.

I put out a rug, a broken broom and a couple of kittified cushions for council clean-up. Then I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned – our bathroom is absolutely wonderfully sparkling and my hands now feel as though they need a good soak in some sort of oil. I probably should wear gloves for such things.

All the while I was accompanied by the criminal podcast, as recommended by the excellent anyresemblance – well worth a listen. I also listened to a great BBC 4 on documentary on William S Burroughs by way of this american life – also very good stuff.


Don was similarly productive – two rounds of golf and bottled more bears:

He has the brewing mapped out for the the next souple of months, but this should be enough to keep him going for a while.

*more community radio

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