For the past few weeks just about the only advert I am being served up on The Guardian website on my tablet is this one for Emirates.

Let’s just say that if business class is full of smug hep cats with saxophones, I’m kind of pleased to be stuck in economy.


Slammed once again today with meetings and other urgent emergencies which left me pretty exhausted and quite mentally drained. Tomorrow looks no better. I have about 1 hour between meetings which I have now blocked out in my calendar so that I can breathe.

Fast day today and both Don (who was similarly slammed and is still working at 10:16pm) and I agree that it is much harder to be under pressure and do brain-intensive stuff on these days – sometimes your poor brain just needs carbs or pies or cakes to function properly. Nonetheless we got through relatively unscathed, but dinner was a very quiet affair where we were all much too tired to speak!

Now that I am into the second week of the one-a-day coffee thing, I am much less headachey and tired. I do still occasionally obsess a little about that second cup. One of the upsides is that I am so excited to wake up in the morning and have coffee! Vincenzo asked me what I hoped to get out of this deprivation and I really couldn’t come up with a suitable answer other than that I wanted to see if I could. This seems to be my motivation for a lot of things, so I possibly need to extend this to other areas of my life – study for example!

This evening after dinner and recovering slightly from the exhaustion of the day, I juiced 3 litres(!) of orange juice with the $18 juicer. We bought a $14 box of very juicy oranges a couple of weeks ago and so far I’ve managed to get 6 litres out of it. And there are probably another 2 litres of oranges left. I think 8 litres for $14 + some effort is some pretty excellent value.

Now I’m sitting on the couch with the kitties, cup of sleepytime at the ready, enjoying the lovely late evening breeze.

And it appears that for the second time this week, one of our neighbours has burned cakes again … mmmmmmm … burned cakes.

2 thoughts on “humdrum

    • You very much speak the truth.

      It’s not like I’m starving to death on fast days, but I’m definitely getting into bad habits on the other five. I keep having buttery pastries and such for brekkie and many snacks after work.

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