The plan was to stick to a long run of 15-16km for the remainder of February.

This morning I decided to follow the route I’d run last week – with a quick dash at the end (okay, more likely a slow hobble) to the corner to get me over the 15.4km longest run mark. It was 21oC and pretty solidly drizzly with occasional quite rainy bits when I headed out at around 7.15am.

Clearly my body thinks these are optimal conditions because I still felt pretty great at 12.5km, which was about the point my ITB became troublesome last week. So I thought, why not push it a little? And then when I reached 14km, why not push it a little more?

And before you know it, I had run 21.44km!!!

Okay, it wasn’t quite that effortless – particularly at around 18km when the ipod shuffle battery ran out (I completely loathe running sans music), and with completely sodden shoes, hat and clothes – but I had no doubt that I could do it.

Who is this person?? This time last year I could barely run 4km.

My first half-marathon!

4 thoughts on “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Just catching up with this. That is actually amazing! You must have been so elated afterwards. You realise you are one of the people who is inspiring to keep trying to improve myself?

  2. I was amazed and every bit as elated as you would imagine. The memory definitely kept me in good spirits during my less-than-easy run this morning.

    I am much more pleased (and shocked) to be inspiring. I still can’t believe I’ve managed to keep this up for so long and make progress. Plugging (very) slowly away at something does work!

    If only I could apply this to other areas of my life!!

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