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Yesterday I woke up with a headache (yet again), fed the kitties and could not go back for my customary hour post-feeding nap. Instead I lay there obsessing about work. It has been a pretty crazy week. AnxiousMum has been at max crazy for over a week and I have spent a good deal of my life intervening in fights & smoothing ruffled feathers so that essential activities can progress.

When I got to SML the stress levels were pretty high and I began to attack my enormous list of action items. I was writing an incredibly detailed email and then *bang* all the power went out. There was a fault in a power line which killed half the southern CBD.

We had to evacuate (which went about as well as you’d expect) – so many stairs – and then we got to go home!!!! It was only about 10:30 by this time, so it was like a whole free day off!

I cannot even begin to describe how glorious it was to be at home without even the possibility of working because all of the servers had no power. We obviously don’t have snow days here, but I imagine this is exactly what it would be like to have a surprise day off school. Truly the pinnacle of my career!

After I arrived home, I pottered around doing house-y things. I started decluttering the filing cabinet and discarded a 15cm pile of documents (with more to go). When I say discarded, I mean saved for the next time we go camping – brilliant on the campfire!

I am of course retaining the necessary things, because I am not bonkers, but I see no need for (glowing, of course) work references from 1990.

I did cast out my accumulated annual salary letters from SML, but first I entered all of the data into a spreadsheet for future analysis. I was surprised to learn that I’ve had a significant promotion on average every two years and my starting salary was less than half of my current – yikes! It might suck the life out of me, but at least there are some rather nice rewards.

Today when in walking in from panzo, I happened to check my work email and discovered a whole bunch of super-critically-urgent requests from Dr12. I was slammed most of the day, but because of my marvelous surprise mental health day, I remained entirely unruffled. Thanks ausgrid!

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