how do I get on that gravy train?

Today on the carolbaby ill health blog …

The one coffee a day attempt REALLY hit me today with a horrible one-sided verging-on-migrane-headache. I just knew coffee would take the edge off, but given withdrawl is the likely source of the headache, thought it best not to get trapped in some sort of vicious cycle thing and took iboprofen instead.

The iboprofen took the edge off slightly, but I thought it better not to take a short run. I am bitterly regretting this decision because now I am completely full of grump and unreasonable grar.

I think my head is still spinning from spending yesterday in an all day strategic initiatives mid-year review with senior management. Afterward I wondered how as an organisation we actually achieve anything, so disorganised were they.

We lower orders who were permitted to attend all came out kind of dazed because while we had carefully prepared detailed updates on the initiatives we’d been assigned, this was in stark contrast to our betters. Three of them spent at least half an hour trying to unravel what the initiative assigned to them was intended to achieve or in many cases what the initiative even meant. This was mainly because they were so very badly described in the document – very badly described by them. So, no progress in the eight months then? This was repeated for a couple of hours. Maddening!

We’ve an SML-wide staff satisfaction survey being conducted this week. I’m going to make a bold and out there prediction that the results for the questions regarding the effectiveness and performance of the senior management team are going to be overwhelmingly negative.

2 thoughts on “how do I get on that gravy train?

  1. In the job that I got made redundant from there was a staff survey and people were asked to rate the senior management team. Not surprisingly in a time of mass redundancy people were not very flattering about the SMT. The Chief Executive who was a charmless boor on being told the results demanded the names of everyone who had said horrible things so that they could all be sacked. Luckily the guys from the polling company refused to breach confidentiality and didn’t give him the information. I am very happy to be no longer working there.

    • Yikes!

      I think we’ll be safe from the wrath of the CEO, because he’s largely still in the honeymoon period. MrT and his cohort however …

      Last time we went through this once before in around 2006, afterward there was a whole lot of sound and fury and promises of change – you can imagine what happened.

      Yep, it is still much the same today – despite there being only one of the senior managers from that time still standing.

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