but no avarice

Thankfully feeling a lot more human today.

Yesterday after my morning coffee, I realised that it may in fact have been the coffee that was making me so unwell. Don mentioned that he was having the odd twinge too.

I’d had to buy a bag of emergency coffee earlier in the week and the symptoms began around the time we started drinking it. It was terribly expensive all rainforesty-grown-in-the-shade-fair-trade-whatevs, but clearly our innards can only tolerate mid-range italian.

After this I kept to a very plain starchy diet for the remainder of the day, avoided the second cup of coffee (scoring myself a delightful headache) and by evening started feeling a good deal improved with very little rats-gnawing-at-intestines feelings.

I switched to our normal brand of coffee this morning and again avoided the second cup. I kept to the plain eating and felt almost human by the end of the day. I still feel somewhat delicate, so I’ve grabbed myself some inner health plus with the hope that it kills off the last of whatever and their pointy teeth. I did manage to eat quite delicious Korean tonight with no ill effects, so it seems that the worst is over.

In good news, if I can keep to this one coffee a day I’ll save $15 a week and be well on my way to having no actual vices. Well possibly occasional sloth, and maybe a little gluttony. Oh, and some wrath.

Honestly, while there are many delights about my current age, this whole aging thing can get really kind of suckful. All aches and pains and going to bed at 10pm and sudden weird food intolerances.

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