Still feeling poorly. Made it a little over half-way yesterday before I called it quits and headed home. I slept most of the afternoon and then at least 12 hours (save for a brief kitty feeding at 5am).

Today, I’ve been doing not a great deal other than mindlessly sit at the computer. I did go out with Donaldo to the e-waste drop-off to finally dispose of the very elderly laptops and old phones &etc and picked up some dinner ingredients.

Bessie cleaned out a couple of Giant tubs full of dollies and children’s books. Some to keep, some to eBay, some for her baby brother, some for donation, some binned.

We also added some old sheets, pillow cases, bathroom rugs to the donation pile – and the old modem/wireless access point and digital radio. Oh and I did manage to do a bit of tidying and juiced a whole lot of oranges with the new juicer. So I guess that I wasn’t entirely unproductive – but I had plans to do much more!

Don was much more productive than I and bottled bears and made a huge batch of bolognaise sauce for dinner / freezing, did some additional ingredients shopping and hit some golf balls.

This feeling horrible is getting really old – fast. If I am no better by Monday, I’m off to the doctor. Honestly it feels as though there is a rat chewing at my innards

2 thoughts on “whingey

    • Yes, there does seem to be – probably due to settling back into the relentless grind with little end in sight.

      After a quite dreadful early morning, am now feeling distinctly improved – though still a bit sketchy. I think maybe, maybe, our emergency replacement brand of coffee was to blame for the upset. I’ve been eating quite bland food for most of the day, so might be that. Tomorrow will be the test.

      Bottled bears are the best kind.

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