holiday: day twenty-two, or is it twenty-three

pink door, royal pacific hotel and towers

Rather surly today – mostly the realisation that ZOMG! I only have five days left before I return to SML. It’s also quite, quite disgustingly hot.

So, while Don was out at golf, I’ve done not a lot other than sit about reading stuff on the InformationSuperhighway, patting kitties, doing a bit of light haus-werk and generally feeling out of sorts.

Then I was cross with myself because I should be carpe-ing the diem.

So I decluttered a little (why was I keeping 5 elderly SML notepads?) and took down the very minimal, totally oz christmas decorations:

top 2 rows: letterpress cards from the distillery | bottom: freebie postcards i’ve had for around 9 years

The space looks quite naked now, so I think we’re going to need something to replace them. Perhaps holiday snaps? Though not in the tree shape!

I then decided to drag myself out in the hot heat to grab a coffee, which for me is a rather profligate undertaking – generally I’ll just make one in the plunger/french press. There is a new DFH1 organic place just up the street which I was keen to try out – because there’s a bit of a dearth of decent coffee in walking distance. The coffee was excellent – quite strong and quite bitter (which is just what I was after), but Holy!Goodness! $4.00 for a regular size? Admittedly, I would go back.

Later, I’m going to whip up a kerry apple cake because we have apples which need using and perhaps go for a short run, though if the temperature doesn’t reduce markedly in the next hour (currently it is 27oC) the run is not likely to occur.

I think also I could be a little out of sorts because yesterday was first day of my drinking break. Traditionally I am generally quite grumpish on the first evening (I daresay this is because I’m missing the winding-down/relaxing aspect of a nice, cold glass of white) and was surprised that I was not so. Clearly I’ve saved that mood for today!

In slightly good news, I think I have identified the cause of the niggling ankle pain I was having before we left for hols – my fabulous teva sandals. No pain when we were in Hong Kong despite walking a very great deal. Now the ankle is a little achy again after the walk yesterday and I can only deduce that the sandals are the cause. Nuts! I love those sandals.

Tomorrow I am going to shake myself up with a project – I just need to decide which one.

1Dirty … Hippy

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January 16, 2015 6:53 PM

If you would like to bring the kerry apple cake to me once it’s done, that would be fine.

January 17, 2015 7:24 AM

but at least you have the Australia Day long weekend to look forward to! $4 for a coffee is the going rate in Canberra even in vile places

James O'Brien
January 17, 2015 8:56 AM

Wow. This is a rather lengthy holiday.