holiday: day twenty-one?

I’ve long (very long) lusted over the Phaidon Design Classics books set, but I have never been able to really justify the expense (because Holy!Goodness! they are expensive).

Late last year I was just all “screw it, I really want these” and set up an eBay alert in the hopes that I could score a cheap(er) used set.

Fortunately, while I was in Hong Kong a very affordable set popped up and lo! I was the winner.

Today we ventured up to the wilds of the Northern Beaches to collect them and while we were up there decided to spontaneously pop in for lunch at Don’s golf club.

It’s a pretty spectacular location, this was the view from our table:

It was an utterly gloriously magnificent day and we wandered to the headland after an excellent meal.

It was quite warm and I feel a little sunburned even though we didn’t stay out for terribly long. We reminisced about the times we used to take long walks/hikes and resolved we should probably start that up again.

Quite a lovely afternoon – and all because of my wild non-frugal spending!


In other news, I’m wondering if I picked up some type of bug in Hong Kong because I still feel somewhat less than stellar.

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