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We really, really adored Hong Kong – it was the absolute perfect holiday destination for us. We just love a big city, wandering about, shopping, chilling and checking out stuff.

Our hotel was wonderful and the location just right. Shopping was great – though we spent the most in stores that already have a presence in Australia (Uniqlo + Muji forever!). The food was simply amazing – we had so many, many excellent meals.

I took the elderly beast of the DSLR with the elderly manual prime lenses (from eBay) for experimentation purposes. I now have many photos to sort through – some of them pleasing, but more … not so much.

I think this has reinforced the need for a new, light-weight sexyful camera.

We’re very keen to return to explore all we missed, but next we’re planning … Tokyo!

Sadly, both of these things are rather at odds with the quest for frugality and the necessary repairs to ThePalace(OfLove).

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  1. I can recommend the Cannon G16 if you want a smaller camera. Kerry Sister, who is a very good photographer, claims she has taken some of her best photos with one of these.

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