holiday: 2.5 days remaining

The best thing about having the garmin replaced is that now everything is a record! So yesterday I had my fastest km, fastest mile and longest distance – despite running not very quickly and only a little over 3km.

I say a little over because I forgot to turn it off when I stopped running. I was distracted because I saw Clarissifer walking along in front of ThePalace(OfLove) about 20m ahead of me and debated whether or not I should greet her. It was very hot (as in 27oC before 9am!) and I was red-faced, sweaty and exhausted, so I erred on the side of not calling attention to myself. Luckily she didn’t turn around. I’ve been quite lucky in that I’ve only once before encountered someone I know while running – really, people don’t need to see that, it would totally ruin my … ermm … mystique.


And more decluttering – mostly very minor things:

These were cute little notes that housekeeping left in our room each day of our holiday. And each night at turn-down we’d find something different on the bed – lavender sachet, pyramid of jelly beans, fresh eye-mask. It was really sweet and a great idea, but we don’t need to hold onto the notes.

But I did take photos to remind me. I couldn’t decide which version I liked better, so here are both:

taken with the Beast DSLR

taken with iPhone

We decluttered the recipe binder and am setting aside two cookbooks to take to SML on Wednesday where I am sure there will be takers. As an aside, I find dumping a stack of books and DVDs in the SML kitchen a pretty excellent way of offloading them – generally they are quickly snapped up and it spreads a little love.

I also discarded some small kitchen things into the charity bin bag. I think we feel pretty satisfied that there is nothing at all superfluous (at this stage) in the kitchen. Yes, I do actually need nine sets of measuring spoons! Though the pantry contents need a good seeing to, if only to rediscover the contents.

And I threw away three lighters. No, I don’t know why I felt the need to keep THREE of them when 1. We have not smoked for many years 2. We have many perfectly serviceable boxes of matches.


Just before Christmas, as a result of too much golf, Don injured his ribs yet again, though fortunately did not break them this time. Cue weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

He had a couple of visits with the ever-excellent RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio before we went to Hong Kong and a follow-up visit yesterday.

He arrived home with a note for me (excerpt below):

Don has managed to battle through with his most significant injury which has affected him not just physically but has had an impact on his psychological well being. As a musculoskeletal professional, I feel that his mental state would be much enhanced by a round of 18 on Monday. It is almost a medical emergency.

Very cute.


I am currently treating our bedroom carpet for kitty wee stains using this method. Will report back.

Something is currently unsettling them as one of them also wee’d in my teva sandals this morning.

It’s lucky that they are utterly adorable.

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