I’ve never really been air-sick before, so it was a shock to spend about 6 hours on the flight home feeling wretchedly nauseous, clutching the little white paper bags (fortunately did not need to actually use them) and mostly unable to sleep.

We arrived home yesterday mid-morning and spent most of the day slothing about, reading, napping and trying to feel a little more human – which was moderately successful.

Today I am full of swollen feets and ankles and still rather nauseous. I’m alternating putting my feet up and walking about a bit. I think I will go and seek out some anti-nausea tablets.

Fortunately there are still another six days until I return to SML.

2 thoughts on “unceremonious

  1. Oh, I’ve never been air sick but the swollen ankles get me. I now wear my compression running tights on the plane as well as compression socks and always sleep with my feet up on a pillow. My podiatrist told me feet higher than heart is the way to go. Also, must thank you for the 5:2 diet recipe book. I ordered it and makes everything so much easier – got to love an index organised by calorie count.

  2. How funny – I had absolutely no idea about the index, that is clever! I must highly recommend the chicken puttanesca, skinny bouillabaisse (with or without the mussels) and skipper soup. We all agree we would eat those even on non-fast days.

    I often get car sick but this was a very unpleasant surprise! Definitely will be wearing compression everything on the next o/s flight as I think I am about 2 sizes bigger than when I started out. It’s as though I need to be pricked with a giant pin.

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