holiday: day it’s-all-a-blur

I’m pretty sure that I missed a day of my intended at least every second day posting, but No RECRIMINATIONS.

Anyway, we’re having a quite marvellous time.

There has been much walking (around 20k steps per day), a little shopping and some truly excellent meals.

Today I indulged my husband, took my life in my hands (I am a little height averse) and we visited the Peak.

We also visited sogo (a quite amazing 16 floor department store), came away with golf supplies and generally wandered about a lot.

Tonight we’re off to have our very first experience eating in a michelin-starred restaurant.

3 thoughts on “holiday: day it’s-all-a-blur

  1. It was really gorgeous up there, especially on the paths where there were many, many less people. It was complete madness in the shopping mall / viewing platform part. We arrived relatively early in the day and had to queue for a very long while to get tickets for the tram, but the lines to get to the top when we got back down to the bottom were absolutely crazy.

    Sogo at Tsim Sha Tsui was a Sad Disappointment in comparison to the Causeway Bay store.

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