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On Monday I wore a new pair of pants from cue (AU size 8 – woo!) and a new top purchased from the Information Superhighway. MrT remarked that I looked really very nice and very professional.

Today I wore another new pair of new (totally excellent) cue pants for the first time and an Ace! new top (for the second time). I remarked to Heather that I completely adored these pants because they had such deep boy-like (deep) pockets.

He responded with, “those pants look great – it’s good to see you deciding to dress more professionally”.


Despite the questionable value of taking fashion advice from someone with an embryonic comb-over and whose belly occasionally pokes out between the gaps in his shirt buttons, I know he’s totally and absolutely right.

My current look primarily consists of very cute cheap dresses with heavy black tights and flats. A look which I totes rock, but is not going to get me that dream job.

Must spend more money! And put off buying that jawbone up24 until I am appropriately garmented. I put a great deal of thought into Don’s look (and he always receives tons of compliments), I must channel this superpower toward myself.

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  1. We’ve just started using a phrase at work for that part of the business which is overly cons ervative, hates any change, and actually tries to stop any change. They’re all of a similar age, gender and back ground. The phrase? He shopscat Lowes.

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