yes, there’s gas in the car

Shopping bags: fin!

I am full of love for the spotty + stripey linings and the less plastic bags we will be forced to accept.

Recently we seem to buy way more than will fit our bags – especially after one went MIA (hope to spot it somewhere, hopefully on someone tres-hip).

Surely 6 bags will do it, or we really need to re-assess our purchasing.

Truly, I am full of the m4d sk1llz.

I regularly need to remind myself of this.


This morning we were up betimes and actioning items early (though we can barely avoid the early, what with ravenous kitties + So!Much!Sunrise!)

In our quest for bulk bottles of passata rustica for tonight’s best ever bolognaise, we visited amatos for the first time in forever. We used to shop there very regularly back in the day. Now that we live closer I have no idea why we stopped.

Anyway, I’m generally all about the bone dry riesling, but was suckered in by the awesome shape of this pino grigio:

bottle comparison to best ever riesling

And it is full of yum! But I’ve probably enjoyed a little too much of it.


We’re spending the late afternoon + evening pottering about and listening to Steely Dan: greatest hits. I think what put it in Don’s head was our recent most excellent lunch with the babies at Gil’s diner1 when we were in Melbourne – where they were playing the vinyl. I *heart* Steely Dan, so it made the lunch even better. And the record player was attached to a valve | tube amp! So exponential fabulousness! I’d never actually seen one InRealLife before. So awesome + Do Want. Though as Don pointed out the kitties would probably make very short work of such a device.

Tomorrow morning we collect Joan and Ajax from the airport after their trip to Cambodia. In an hilarious Seinfeldian parallel – they got one upgrade. Ajax, of course, let Joan have it. For the next little while we will be calling her Jerry.

1Recommended by Bessie who happened upon it with her Dad earlier in the year.

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