Our experience of the completely insane once-in-a-century storm (and what a storm!) involved 4 litres of water pouring through Bessie’s ceiling and a late night/early morning power-outage.

I was forced to drill a drain hole to prevent the whole ceiling collapsing under the pressure and poor Bessie was forced to sleep on the couch (falling water being as nowhere near as soothing as one might imagine).

Don had the clever idea that our insurance might cover the repairs (a very large patch of ceiling is a quite mess) and he was right! An assessor is coming to visit tomorrow morning.

Fortunately the power was restored quite early in the morning and we have a gas stove-top, so despite the lack of electricity I could still make our morning coffee.

We’re quite sad we’ve already packed away the heater because it is really quite cold this evening. But at least we’re not snow-bound.

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2 Responses to patchy

  1. ganching says:

    Hope you got the roof sorted out.


    • carolbaby says:

      The assessor identified where he thought the leak was coming from – the external door on the top balcony had a very poor seal (so much silicon, so much splitting). Don spent the weekend repairing – the pressure test with the hose seemed to go okay – so hopefully we’re all good!

      This home-ownership caper is definitely a learning experience!


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