You may recall my mention of using out GiantTV box as a bedhead for over a year and my eventual desire to replace it with something proper.

The box was just perfect – apart from the fact that it looked like a tv-box with a couple of planks of wood above it.

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a bedhead that has a ledge to rest lamps, coffee, kitties and ephemera on and that is not thousands of $$ (or even one that is thousands of $$$). I’d toyed with the idea of getting a cabinetmaker in to construct a custom solution, but that is way too much of an indulgence I think best saved for when we have gazillions of $$$ to throw about.

We decided against trying to make something ourselves because, well, our carpentry skills are less than optimal and we aren’t really down with the ye olde log cabin aesthetic.

Searches on the InformationSuperHighway yielded some appealing options – which unfortunately were located in Scandinavian countries – shipping being rather prohibitive.

excellent bedhead 1

excellent bedhead 2

We eventually settled on ikea. Yes, yes I too laugh at our resolution to never visit ikea again. Just about every recent purchase is from there.

Don loves it. The kitties have enormous fun in the hole at the back. I am less convinced and kind of miss the box.

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