just because you can doesn’t mean you should

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This morning I had a meeting with a Very Cranky Client of SML.

This meeting was unheralded because when KingLear was the overlord, we operational peeps were not deemed worthy of interacting with externals (even via email!). Dr12 does not have the same view and so I was thrown to the wolves.

The VCC was Very Cranky because he had been led to believe we were doing X and Y. This was because Two Unnamed People at SML had provided “analysis” which was very, very, very … well, wrong, from which VCC had drawn certain very bad conclusions.

When the mess finally arrived on my desk to sort out after the VCC extreme freak out, Vincenzo and I were quickly able to see the massive errors in what had been given. This is why we are the experts and you are not – just get the hell out of the data.

What complicated matters was that VCC previously held a quite senior role at SML, so he knows where all the bodies are buried and does not trust anything we do in the least. So, I was understandably not a little nervous. Particularly as I was abandoned by a number of senior people who were (alternately: “Oh, I can’t do it”) supposed to accompany me.

I was extremely well prepared and confident in my data and fortunately it went Very Very Well. Phew!

Very good for the confidence – perhaps I will be ready for an actual job interview at some point!

2 thoughts on “just because you can doesn’t mean you should

    • Hello!!!

      Well, I’m babysitting the half team while Hecate is on leave for the next couple of weeks. Dr12 on leave as of last week, so am in limbo for the next little bit.

      The general vibe is that there will be a flattening of the management structure – MrT thinks he is for it.

      Did receive a $100 DJs voucher for being a superstar, but would rather a giant salary increase!

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