happy new year

rainy Melbourne feets

Wow! 2014 is slipping past way too quickly. How are those projects going?

  1. Project 2014: Running – get back to running 15km on a regular basis.
    FAIL!: Injury has been a problem, but I am delighted with the decision to see a personal trainer.

  2. Project 2014: Frugality – buy nothing unnecessary in 2014
    FAIL!: Ahahhahahaha, no.

  3. Project 2014: Foodz – try a new recipe twice per month AND document it
    ACHIEVED!: Thank goodness for wcoic – which has been fabulous for new things!

  4. Project 2014: Micro-travel – Go away for (at least) FOUR weekends
    ACHIEVED!: Three weekends away to date!

  5. Project 2014: Education – Diploma of Advanced Manageressing
    FAIL!: Holy!Goodness! So Much Fail!

  6. Project 2014: Escape – make plans for getting the heck out of SML
    FAIL!: Lots of thinking, absolutely no action!

  7. Project 2014: Try New Things – one new thing per month
    FAIL!: I don’t think I have tried anything new that has not been a new meal. Must work on this one. Oh hey! I dragged a Giant Tyre down a lane by a Giant Rope tied around my waist, so let’s make that an ACHIEVED!

  8. Project 2014: Romance – do one couple-y/date-y thing per fortnight
    FAIL!: Well, unless you count the meals out in Melbourne.

  9. Project 2014: Watching – watch good film and television regularly
    FAIL!: Consumed by the World Cup and AFL matches.

  10. Project 2014: Sobriety – don’t drink too much alcohol
    ACHIEVED!: Very much cut back in June, which has been working quite well.

  11. Project 2014: Reading – for every trashy book I read for teh lulz, read something proper
    Ermmmmm. I feel like I did, but I have been rather consumed with swedish crime novels of late. I did commence Cultural Amnesia, but think it is one of the rare books that would be better appreciated in hard copy form (but the writing is so tiny in Real Books).

Not too bad really. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was an achieving go-getter, I woke up feeling very smug, but then realised the reality was rather different. I wonder if I can make that happen in July. Will report back.

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