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Arrived home last evening from a lovely weekend break in Melbourne with Donaldo. We took the advantage of piggybacking on a business trip, which meant we only had to pay for one airfare (and our accommodation of course).

Once again we stayed in ridiculously luxurious accommodation. Initially I was a little taken aback by the lack of Giant Bath and Giant Room, but the appointments and location of the hotel more than made up for it – not reminiscent of a 1990s golf-course resort, which was the vibe of the last place we stayed. I could get used to this sort of thing.

We feasted very hard and I managed to get in a run (of about 7km), which I was really, really thrilled about. I have long wanted to run in holiday locations, but this is the first time I’ve managed to get out there. Definitely want to do this again.

The running/cycling path along the yarra river is amazing! I wish we had something like that here.

There was also some shopping, but not too much. I did buy an amazing winter coat, a jacket, a couple of hats, a dress, some tights and various essentials for Joe/Frank and Bessie. Oh and I picked up a wonderful woven animal made by Tjanpi desert weavers from the NGV: Ian Potter Center.

Half way through the year and we have almost achieved our planned four trips away! Really must make the last one an inexpensive camping trip.

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