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Buildings of Bourke Street Mall: comics r us

Saturday 8am saw me back with the FatController after the lovely break last weekend. The session was very, very hard, but I adored it.

The challenge, it is excellent.

My punching, ducking and kicking are definitely improving, but I am still utterly and completely hopeless at jumping. Definitely need practice … or something.

Afterward we weighed me and, despite the weekend of feasting and subsequently falling off the rails with wine and cake (mostly cake – stop making delicious cakes, Bessie) during the week, I’ve still lost a whisker under 4kg in 4 weeks. Go me!

In an attempt to not seize up after yesterday, this morning I dragged myself to the gym and did a slow run on the treadmill – and managed 10km! A Very Slow 10km, but hey, the longest I’ve run since I my knee injury. Running such a distance on a treadmill is definitely a challenge – thank TheUniverse for music!

I’m hopeful I can transition to outdoor running at least once a week, but I’m definitely planning on taking it easy on the cold, hard ground.

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