solstice already?

Just how can we be almost half-way through the year?

Or the end of the year – because my brain is now completely wired to think of 30 June as the end of the year (everything I do at SML hangs on the financial year). So already I’m talking and thinking like: “next year I/we will/should …”.

But irrespective of when the year ends, the days are passing way too quickly.


In my teensy bit of down-time I’ve been giving some consideration to my 50 before 50 list. I’m hopeful to have at least half of the list completed by the end of the (financial) year – so I have 8 days.

Already on the list:
1. visit Vietnam and Cambodia
2. run in a half-marathon
3. participate two runs (of any distance) that are not in Sydney
4. stay (well) under 70kg (154lbs) for the next 1,254 days
5. gtfo of SML (or resign myself to seeing out my days there and shut the hell up about the horror)
6. 100 proper push-ups in a row (currently I can do about 5, okay probably 3)
7. sign up for a pilates class(es)
8. make a patchwork quilt
9. make a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)

When I was casting about for suggestions, Don suggested I add learning to drive a stick (as the Americans say). To be honest, I’m not really feeling it – yes, judge away!

If you have any thoughts for list items, please do flick them my way.

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