not hugh jackman

I think this is my fave photo from Hobart – involved laying on the ground and contorting self

Third FatController session early this morning and it was as challenging and exhausting as the previous two. More tyre flipping, pushing heavy things, boxing (so fun) and lots of jumping in the style of a kangaroo or bunny. You cannot even conceive of how bad I am at jumping, indeed I could not conceive of how bad I am at jumping until I had to jump.

I *heart* this whole endeavour. I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating: I really, really needed this.

Don remarked during the week on my much changed demeanour and attitude. It’s true, I feel pretty excellent even despite the current hyper-madness of SML. I’m very grateful to the excellent person who pushed me in this direction, and this other excellent person for reminding me I don’t need quite so much wine in my life!

The claims that exercise is good for mental health are so very, very true. Unfortunately, this is really difficult to see when you’re in the midst of it.

At this point I’m really keen to extend beyond the 10 week block I’ve committed to. Sure, it is reasonably costly, but infinitely less expensive than therapy or psychotropic drugs!

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