wcoic 2014 : day nine : italy

Wow, what a week. Glad to see the back of it. Also glad of this project which is an excellent distraction!

pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans)

This was amazingly good and on a cost / time / expense ratio is the best meal we’ve had so far. This is definitely going on the week-night list because it is pretty much everything we’d have on hand.

I did A LOT of tweaking to the recipe which I think added to the excellence. 1. Doubled the recipe 2. used chicken stock rather than bean juice 3. chucked in a teensy bit of Don-smoked bacon instead of pancetta rind 4. mushed some of the beans 5. added a chili 6. crushed the garlic rather than picked it out. I also cooked, rather than under-cooked the pasta, so added right at the end after reducing quite a bit (more from error than good managment).

Chosen by: me

Don: 4 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties

Me: 4.95 kitties (imagine the almost 5th kitty)

I have no idea what we are having tomorrow night, but whatever it is it will be Germerman.

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