wcoic 2014 : day ten : germany

It was inevitable we’d be having something extremely hearty for our German selection. Really it calls for a hard day ploughing the fields or skiing, but my personal training session will have to suffice.

pork knuckle with potato dumplings and braised red cabbage

Modified a little: used this recipe for sauerkraut (with added chunks of apple) in place of the braised red cabbage, mainly because of time constraints – needed overnight marinating and we only settled on this on Saturday morning.

We all liked it a good deal, though we were a little underwhelmed by the potato dumplings. Definitely will be having roast pork knuckle again – inexpensive and delicious!

Chosen by: me

Don: 4 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties

Me: 4 kitties

Next up, we’re going a little out of order.

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