tiny victories

Grar kind of day at SML (yes, yes, is there any other?) *and* we didn’t arrive home until comparatively late.

I’m keen to get back to at least three gym visits per week in addition to my training session with the FatController. Don was on cooking duty tonight, but the late arrival home meant that I was conflicted about going to the gym.

After 7 minutes of indecision, I sucked it up and forced myself to go, the philosophy being that any gym is good gym – and really a 20 minute treadmill run is superior to sitting at home snacking and tooling about on the InformationSuperHighway.

The run was good! Plus when I jumped on the scale on the way out, I discovered I had lost 0.5kg! Amazing what not comfort-eating mountains of chocolate and cutting way, way back on the wine will do.

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