wcoic 2014 : day seven : spain

Oh no! I went to copy the photos of tonight’s meal from the camera and then realised the SD card was still in my computer *cries* I really rather wish it would tell me when it was cardless.

Imagine a photograph of a delightfully arranged meal here (or click on the link for a prettier photo).

spoa de ajo (garlic soup)

The main reason I chose this was because I was intrigued by the simplicity of the ingredients. Being the first outing, it took a lot longer than expected, mostly because I had no experience using bread as a thickener and wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was really great! We changed up the ingredients a smidge – used a tin of diced tomato, substituted Don’s recently smoked bacon for the jamon/pancetta/proscuitto (mainly because I thought we had pancetta, but turned out I’d used it last week, but it added a lot of depth). The sourdough we chose was not nearly sourdoughy enough, so we’d definitely get a different bread next time. And there will definitely be a next time! So comforting.

Chosen by: me

Don: 4 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties

Me: 4 kitties

And thus ends a week of wcoic! Rather more low key than we had hoped, but we’ve already found dishes which will make it into the rotation!

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