wcoic 2014 : day five : portugal

Very much the easy option today.

There is a quite large Portuguese community in the ‘ham, so it was inevitable that we’d go for the take-away chicken. The decision turned out to be quite a good one as Don finally has succumbed to the horrid cold which has been felling everyone and was keen for a very early meal so he could collapse into bed.

portuguese chicken, chips, tomato rice thing

Unfortunately our fave store is closed on Monday (we really did not think this through), so we went down the road to another portuguese chicken shop. The chicken is utterly divine, the sides – not a lot of variety and somewhat underwhelming.

We’ll definitely be back for the chicken, but should probably organise our own accompaniments next time.

Chosen by: all

Don: 3 kitties

Joe/Frank: 3.5 kitties

Bessie: 2 kitties (Bessie had late Uni & reheated)

Me: 3 kitties

Tomorrow we move to raiding the freezer for leftovers.

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