wcoic 2014 : day four : france

I think we’ve had more seafood in the past week than we’ve had in the last year.


This was MAGNIFICENT! We tweaked the proportions of the fish a lot: there was no scampi at the Best Fishmonger In Sydney, we could only get mussels in a 1kg package and we’d bought half the fish, but when we saw it on the bench, we split it in two. We also skipped the pernod, which I don’t think made too much of a difference.

Home made fish stock was genius – 1kg of fish bones from the BFIS only cost $2.25! So much better (and cheaper) than the hideously expensive packaged stock.

Chosen by: Joe/Frank

Don: 4.75 kitties (I’m not 3/4-ing kitties)

Joe/Frank: 4.5 kitties

Bessie: 4.5 kitties

Me: 5 kitties

Would have again in a heartbeat!

We ease off tomorrow into the take-away.

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