way too long since we’ve had a Hobart photo

This morning was my second FatController session.

Today I learned that I absolutely cannot jump up onto things (like a step) with two feet at once, but my old netball skillz came in quite handy when it was time to repeatedly throw a 7kg medicine ball against a wall. I also dragged a Giant Tyre up and down a laneway via a Giant Rope tied around my waist!!!

This training caper is impossibly difficult and completely exhausting, but so fun!


On Thursday Hecate asked if she could have a word and informed me that she and Dr12 had discussed the role I had expressed interest in (that of The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor). Apparently they’re considering splitting it in order to offer half (the lame, poisoned chalice, half) to me. I was rather surprised and said I’d like some time to consider whether I would like to pursue it.

Next afternoon she asked if I’d had come to a conclusion (I at least hoped she’d give me the weekend) because they wanted to make an offer for the other (much more interesting) half. If I was not interested, they would bundle it back up because I was the only person they would consider splitting it for.

So, I was completely candid, “thank you for thinking of me, but I’m very happy in my current role and at this stage I’m not really interested in a lateral move. The reason I expressed interest in the The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor’s role was that I’m ready for the next step, so for me to move, it would need to be up or out”.

This was a really big thing for me! Past-me would have been all, “oh they really want me!” and accepted. Current-me knows my value and exactly what I do not want to do.


Earlier in the week I was reading the latest post on this pretty blog which tangentially mentioned a 30-before-30 project and I my interest was piqued.

Given that I turn gasp 50 in double gasp1,261 days and that I adore projects, I thought it would be pretty excellent to come up with a 50-before-50 list.

I searched the InformationSuperHighway for some inspiration and came upon a list for a 50th some years away which contained “defrost chest freezer”. I’m pretty sure that is not going to make my list.

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