brief interlude from Melbourne!

This week has been not ideal, I’m watching deadlines (not mine) sail slowly past and I am only required to record them – all concrete suggestions I make as to how Vincenzo and I could assist/expedite/add value are met with a “no” from Hecate. We’re clearly going to miss yet another major company KPI, upon which many bonuses hinge. MrT has the right idea – just do what you’re required to and it will all come out in the wash, but it very much goes against my natural inclination to be a Fixer.

Last Friday our CIO magically and secretly disappeared, never to be seen again. We only found out on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your gossip network – there’s been no official announcement). This was quite unexpected. The remainder of the Senior Management Group are somewhat unsettled, as are we in middle management. Who knows when the tap on the shoulder (or the meeting invite with your name as the subject, in the CIO case) will come?

I’m hoping that the coming-out-in-the-wash means that Hecate gets that meeting invite very soon.

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