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Now that high school is behind us I foolishly assumed that last minute assessment angst was over, but little did I consider the consequences of Bessie undertaking a design degree.

Both Friday and Saturday saw a good deal of last minute assessment angst and disasters with wax and the stovetop and many tears. The wax and hopefully the tears have been resolved, but I’m confident the angst will continue through to Monday evening.


Gym yesterday morning after probably rather a little too much wine on Friday evening. Rowed 5min, cycled 5 min and ran for an hour for a distance of 7.3 Running Units. Unfortunately have an awful suspicion that Running Units are actually km, which means that I am running very much slower than I would be outdoors, but I am taking whatever I can get at this point!

The gym possesses a scale. I observed that I have put on 3kg since we went to Melbourne. Crazy! I’m really not enamoured of becoming fat again, but it is often difficult to make it to the gym in the evening – what with working late, dinner, being in bed by 10pm like old people. So, I’m planning to force myself to the gym before SML for the next little bit.


In gardening news, I was delighted to see wee lettuce and rocket grow magically! Clearly my tardiness in clearing the garden resulted in the plants self-seeding.

In other news, Don clearly was the winner of the plant experiment:

Poor mint. I really do need to pull it out.


Today, I’ve been sewing on buttons (including one that I found in my purse which fell off a dress belonging to Bessie about 4 years ago), next up – ironing, after-which perhaps I’ll make pastry, then is off for high tea with Joan.

I exciting news Don plays in the first round of the golf c-grade club championship this morning. All bits crossed for making it through to next weekend and on to the finals!

Yesterday I found myself excitedly regaling Don with the details of a radio programme I’d heard about domestic solar panels.

This is what I have become.

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