projects 2014: april

Hmmm … I appear to have not provided a projects update for March, which if I recall correctly, wouldn’t have amounted to much. But how did I go in April?

  1. Project 2014: Running – get back to running 15km on a regular basis.
    NOT ACHIEVED: Less said about this the better :(
    I’d like to run 2 hours on the treadmill by 30 June. I feel this is probably achievable.

  2. Project 2014: Frugality – buy nothing unnecessary in 2014
    NOT ACHIEVED: Finances have taken quite a hit with recent vacationing.

  3. Project 2014: Foodz – try a new recipe twice per month AND document it
    NOT ACHIEVED: April was terribly busy and there were A LOT of leftovers and easy options. Nothing new at all.

  4. Project 2014: Micro-travel – Go away for (at least) FOUR weekends
    ACHIEVED!: Hey Hey – 2/4 and we’re only 1/3 of the way through the year! Moar trips to Melbs plz.

  5. Project 2014: Education – Diploma of Advanced Manageressing
    NOT ACHIEVED: Oh god.

  6. Project 2014: Escape – make plans for getting the heck out of SML
    NOT ACHIEVED: My plans for adding particular, valuable experience to my repertoire have been scuttled by the temporary move to DivisionIncompetent – where I am not, despite my repeated requests/suggestions, required to do anything other than ticking boxes.

  7. Project 2014: Try New Things – one new thing per month
    ACHIEVED: I tried physio. The deep tissue massage is certainly an experience.

  8. Project 2014: Romance – do one couple-y/date-y thing per fortnight
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: We had a very gorgeous time in Melbourne.

  9. Project 2014: Watching – watch good film and television regularly
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: I’ve been watching a whole bunch of Silent Witness, but otherwise … not so much.

  10. Project 2014: Sobriety – don’t drink too much alcohol
    NOT ACHIEVED: I’m nowhere near the 2012 levels of nightly drinking, but I’m really appreciating a couple of glasses of wine after a horrendous day at SML. Need some booze-free days.

  11. Project 2014: Reading – for every trashy book I read for teh lulz, read something proper
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: Well, I read Cold Comfort Farm (which is totes proper, shut up) and Night Watch – both Ace! The rather graphic description of baby kittens having their heads bashed in made me abandon Carry me Down in horror. More than happy to read about people with their heads bashed in (indeed, fave genre), but tiny kittens?

    In non-proper books, Hugh Laurie should abandon any further attempts to be Ben Elton, Ben Elton being much better at being Ben Elton. I also read some Alan Titchmarsh – best described as dire fluff, but of course that did not stop me reading a second book.

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