So, that short hard surface run this morning? That would be a big fail.

I made it approximately 600m before right knee pain started, and because I am completely delusional I tried to run through it, “maybe it will eventually go away?”. It didn’t.

The pain is slightly different that last time in that it covers a wider area, as though there is a bandage around my knee full of very sharp ouch, rather than the quite isolated stabbing I was experiencing before.

Clearly, it’s the surface and impact that is causing the issues, because the long squishy treadmill run was absolutely peachy.

So realistically, that is it for my hopes for the half-marathon this year, which is very, very disappointing.

I *really* need to stop with the dropping of $ on running events, it’s a not inexpensive exercise and I inevitably end up injured and unable to participate. I also need to extend my exercise activities to things which are not outdoor running.

Now applying ice.

2 thoughts on “pouting

    • Yes, I think I do. The plan is to lay off outdoor running until after June. I should still be able to get some running in on the treadmill, and I guess is a good opportunity to extend my exercise repertoire.

      Good luck with yours!

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