rather like a room without a roof

This morning was the first of my self-imposed make or break tests for the half-marathon – only 15 days away.

I’d planned a long(ish) 1 hour run on the treadmill today and a 3-5km run on actual ground tomorrow.

Given the last run I was pretty sure that the treadies at NewGym were set to miles, but because it was staffed today, I thought it worth confirming: “ummm … I’m not sure … but I think it would probably be km … I really don’t know”. I accept this is why I am not paying the big bucks for membership, and I am comfortable with it.

Anyway, I set out on my run not knowing the measure, ran for 1 hour and achieved 7.02 of roods, perches, chains? However far it was, it felt Great! I had some dull pain in my knee at times, but nothing like the horrific stabbing that I was experiencing before. I think I could easily have run for another hour, but I don’t want to risk even the possibility of further injury.

And afterward, I cannot even describe the goodness of my mood. Oh endorphins, you’re the best!! And so much cheaper than illicit drugs!

Final test is tomorrow – hard surface. Please, please, please, please be okay.

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