wee pox-ridden beasties

When the vet tells you that your kitties can get fleas even though they are indoor kitties, you really should believe her and regularly treat the kitties accordingly.

Because despite being indoor kitties, both wee monsters now have fleas!


I applied advocate to the necks of both last evening, so hopefully it will do the trick.

Despite our best intentions of avoiding weekend supermarket visits for the month of May, this afternoon we ventured out to the supermarket because we wanted to obtain additional flea eradication supplies for ThePalace(OfLove). And also because I impromtu-ly decided to give lamb shank and barley soup with lots of veggies a bash because it is FINALLY soup weather. The recipe popped up on the front page of smh.com.au this morning so I figured it was A Sign (despite my intentions of avoiding smh for the month of May – which I’d forgotten about until now). Will report back.

When we arrived home we found BabyKitty and NewKitty curled up together on the same pillow! SO VERY EXCITING! Unfortunately when they heard us, they quickly separated, so an excellent photo opportunity went begging.

Sadly in the flurry of buying soup supplies, we had completely omitted the flea killing equipment.

They might be flea-ridden monsters, but they are such adorable, snugglesome flea-ridden monsters!

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