I dared Heather, at his divisional management meeting this afternoon, to ask Hecate whether she had considered me as a possibility for the TntdP/DeB role, and wagered that she would recoil in horror at the very prospect.

one of my faves from the Hobart trip

According to Heather she was the very opposite of recoiling and was all eagerness and “do you really think she would be interested?”.

Then, later in the day, when I was chatting with Heather, she wandered over and asked if I wanted to join her and AnxiousMum for a drink!?!?!? I was forced to extend my apologies.

I think I am in the process of being courted and I now owe Heather quite a bit of money.


Edit: after lengthy conversation this evening with Ajax (who reports to Hecate), I know I must stay strong and resist all overtures.

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